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Just One Goat Boer goat stud is situated in Bumbaldry just west of Cowra in the Central West region of NSW. Our goats thrive on 200 hectares of temperate grassland and eucalypt scrub forests. They are supplementary fed when times are lean.


We have a good genetic representation from well-known Australian studs such as Micathel, Jimboer, Terraweena, Davel and more.


We have been established since 2007 and we are primarily a meat goat stud supplying quality goat meat for the Sydney market. Our aim is to mainly provide high quality Capretto goats still milking from the does and aged up to 16 weeks weighing approximately 25kgs. 


We are a family business and we pride ourselves on producing high quality animals that provide excellent quality goat meat.


We are members of the Australian Boer Goat Breeders Association and we positively support the ongoing development of the Boer Goat industry in Australia.


Just One Goat stud welcomes inquires re goat meat availability and purchase.



Email or call 0418 660 206 to enquire.

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